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Columbus Washboard Company. - Established 1895. Manufacturing washboards and helping small companies like us by distributing to a wider audience.


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 If you have questions about our products please call 740-380-3828.


We guarantee that our Washboards are "American Made" produced one at a time by hand in Logan, Ohio, USA. Make sure your washboard says Columbus Washboard Company on the back. Chinese replicas are far inferior and the ink used for printing may be toxic. Be proud to buy American made products and help us preserve the Columbus Washboard Company for future generations to cherish as an important part of American history.

In response to emails from our servicemen and women presently deployed in various locations overseas. The Columbus Washboard Company is proud to be sending shipments of laundry supplies to help our troops as they strive to fulfill the tasks before them. God Bless all of them!

We are accepting donations for these shipments. A card from the donors can be included with the shipment. All other laundry items are purchased at local stores at cost. We package everything here at our factory and deliver the boxes to the post office. Postage is expensive but we are only responsible for shipments within the USA.

The troop kits containing one washboard #2133AP, one washtub, clothesline, clothespins, 3 bars of ivory soap, and most importantly instructions on how to use a washboard. Total cost for these items, plus some of the shipping is $25.00. Shipping in most cases is paid by The Columbus Washboard Company with donations from our visitors, tours and the loving families of servicemen and women.

Print our product brochure for reference.